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Update or Add Email Billing.
Please include all of the requested information below, so we may update your account accurately. By signing-up for email billing, you acknowledge and agree that you will no longer receive a paper bill from TC3Telecom. Email billing is a FREE service from TC3Telecom. You will receive a one time credit of $2.95 on your next available invoice once we have switched your account from paper billing to email billing. You may also use this form to change the email address you wish your email bill to go to.

Customer Number
This is the 6 digit number located in the upper most right hand corner of your paper bill.
First Name
As displayed on your paper invoice
Last Name
As displayed on your paper invoice
Email Address
Please make sure this is an active email account that you regularly check.
Confirm Email Address
Please carefully re-type your email which should ensure no accidental typos.

This information is collected and sent to our billing department. Your account will be updated within 2 business days of receiving this information. We generate client's invoices on the 1st of each month. To ensure your next bill is sent to the email address you have specified, please have this form submitted 5 business days prior to the 1st of the following month.

You will receive your email bill on the 10th of each month. An example of the email's Subject line and body of the email is displayed below. Specifics to look for when watching for your first TC3Telecom email bill are in bold.

The information below in the body will display your actual Account Number, Amount Due, and Due Date. If you wish to view an itemized version of your bill, you can follow the link displayed within the body of the email.

>> From: Your Internet E-bill Browser
>> Sent: "This will display the date the email was sent to you"
>> To: "Your display name and or email address will be displayed here"
>> Subject: Your TC3 Telecom, Inc. bill

>> Account #: 123456   Amount Due: $48.96  Due Date: 01/10/05

>> You may view your bill at your convenience on the World Wide Web at:
>> http://ebill.tc3telecom.com

>> You will be prompted for a User ID which may be obtained from
>> your paper bill or from your customer service representative. Should you
>> have any questions your representative can be reached at billing@tc3telecom.com.

>> Thank you for using TC3 Telecom, Inc.

Billing Support:
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Monday - Friday :: 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday :: 10am - 2pm



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